LFG Spectrabox

The new revolution in led growing!

The proven LFGspectrabox now has developed a new generation led growlights bringing more light en consuming less energy when comparing to the traditional led growlights.

Led growing becomes easy. The LFGspectrabox units are plug and play. When using the supplied mounting cables you can start growing within a few minutes. It is even possible to interconnect the units to each other. The LFGspectrabox can be used extra light when sunlight is not strong enough but in dark rooms without additional (sun)light is brings a complete and proven good result. It is a perfect Urban Garden led growlight.

The LFGspectrabox type Hortiledgrowlight is bringing possibilities to adjust the led spectrum developed to your own preferences.  This can be achieved with the available led grow and flower sets. Each set has a 4 module assembled grow and flower spectrum  This makes it easy to add extra flowering spectrum for maximum result when the growing cycles is finished. In the beginning phase from seed or clone you activate the led grow spectrum. This will use only 50% of the total spectrum and save extra on power consumption. In the flowering phase the additional 50% of the unit should be activated. Now the plant gets the full light spectrum imitating the sun. It is possible to exchange some of the growing modules by flowering modules. This will increase the result of your unit and will end in an extraordinary end result.


  • Unique self-developed led spectrum.
  • Plug & Play.
  • Low heat.
  • Fire safe.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Easy to switch led modules.
  • No power supplies.
  • Minimal fans.
  • Interconnectable.


We developed and offer 3 types LFGspectrabox –  Hortiledgrowlight. From starting led grower to the experienced led grower.

LFGspectrabox – Hortiledgrowlight 1

For the starting led grower to realize growing result with a low investment. You can interconnect multiple units to expand the light coverage and strength.


LFGspectrabox – Hortiledgrowlight 2

For the experienced led grower who wants to realize a good growing result. A maximum of 3 units with a low energy consumption can be interconnected.


LFGspectrabox – Hortiledgrowlight 3

This unit is developed for the professional grower.  A maximum of 2 units can be interconnected. The Lux and µmol of this 350 watt unit can be compared with a 650 watt traditional led grow light.


Item Value
Hortiledgrowlight 2 48 Easy change spectrum modules
Power consumption 160 watt – 250 watt
Voltage 230V / 110V
Work frequency 50 Hz
Ventilations fans 2 pieces
Switch 2 pieces 1 Grow / 1 Flower
Package 1 pcs / carton
Net.Weight 7.5 KG / pc
Gross.Weight 8.4 KG / pc
ECC registration nr:Dutch Green LEDlights 009171125LFGspectrabox
Color 16 Multi red, multi blue, white, IR, UV
Wavelength Multi spectra/Grow & Flower
Led beam angle Multi angle 120 / 160
Lighting area 1.5 m2 > 50m2
Height above plants 0.45 – 2.5 meters
Working environment -20 ~ +40°C
Lifespan 30,000 hours
Working environment humidity < 90 %
Size 482 x 352 x 82
CEWarranty Yes2 years



LFGspectrabox Hortiledgrowlight 3
0.0 m                                             ↨ Lux µmol
0.6 m



0.9 m



1.2 m



1.5 m



1.8 m



2.1 m





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LFG – Hortiledgrowlight

LFG – Hortiledgrowlight


LFG PRO III – 3 x spectrum controllers – 300 watt

3 x spectrum control


LFG PRO II – 2 x spectrum controllers – 300 watt

2x spectrum controllers



LFG spectrabox pro II 150 watt

LFG spectrabox pro II 150 watt

LFG spectrabox pro II 200 watt

LFG spectrabox professional II 200 watt

LFG spectrabox pro II 250 watt

LFG spectrabox pro II 250 watt

LFG spectrabox pro II 600 watt

LFG spectrabox pro II 600 watt

LFG spectrabox professional

LFG spectrabox professional
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