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LFG spectrabox II highlights :

1. High efficiency and Energy saving
The LFG spectrabox PRO II is a high efficiency Full-Spectrum LED grow light. Tests have shown that LED grow lights give plants greater light intensity and grow rates than standard HPS grow lights, yet using only 30% to 50% of the electricity.

2. Long life span
The LFG spectrabox PRO II has an estimated life span of at least 30.000 hours. The life span of the LED’s reaches up to 50,000 hours. The used LED chips are mainly purchased from American chip manufacturer Bridgelux. LED chip wavelengths which are not available at Bridgelux are purchased from quality chip manufacturers like Edison or Epistar.

3. Plug and Play
The LFG spectrabox PRO II is a plug- and play grow light. Just plug directly into AC110 or AC230 Volts power socket, which makes the installation safe and simple. No setup required; no reflector and ballast are needed.

4. SSP technology and electrical protection
The LFG spectrabox PRO II uses the unique SSP technology. The SSP technology restricts the DC output voltage to never be higher than the LED chips voltage. It avoids the LED’s from higher voltage shocking. The power design is also lighting- and surge-proof.

5. SPC technology for excellent performance
the LFG spectrabox PRO II works more stable by SPC technology. If any of the LED chips does fail, it will not affect other LED’s, as it does with standard LED grow lights. The high quality SSP and SPC design makes the LFG spectrabox PRO II very stable and safe to use.

6. Flower Booster technology
The LFG spectrabox PRO II is provided with 2 pieces switchable Flower Boosters. This creates an ideal growing and flowering environment, which increases yield and saves energy.

7. Advanced thermal design
The LED chips are directly welded onto an aluminium PCB instead of normal PCB. Aluminium PCB’s have excellent passive heat dissipation. The six built-in fans are used for active heat dissipation. Combined passive and active heat dissipation keep the LED chips at the ideal temperature for best light intensity.

8. High powerful chips to attain higher luminescence
The LFG spectrabox PRO II uses LED chips with amperage of 800mA. These high quality and High Power LED’s have the highest luminescent efficiency and produce less heat.

9. Environment friendly
The LFG spectrabox PRO II doesn’t contain the harmful substance HPS & MH have; no hazardous waste to deal with which makes our earth cleaner and greener. LED’s are superior in comparison to other lighting technologies in terms of negative environmental and health effects during the manufacturing process. Producing LED’s consumes far less energy than manufacturing other lighting and it was noted the LED’s contain no mercury and few if any toxins such as iodine and lead.

10.Easy maintenance
All electrical parts are wired with standard connectors, which make maintenance simple. When the warranty is expired, the maintenance can easily be done by customer.


Price : € 749,-


Item Value Item Value
Color Multi Red, blue, white, IR, UV LED power output 521,7 watt
Wavelength Multi spectra Grow & Flower Power consumption ~610 watt (240w grow / 370w flower)
LED beam angle Multi angle 120 / 160 voltage 230v / 110v
Lighting area 0.6 – 60 m2 Frequency 50 Hz
Height above plants 0.45 – 0.65cm Ventilation fans 6 pieces
Working environment -20 ~+50 degrees celsius Switches 3 pieces Grow / Flowerbooster / Flower
Lifespan 50.000 hours Packing 1 pcs / carton
Photo flux density ~591,5 µmol s/m² N.W. 10,3 kg
Size 510x310x80 G.W. 11,3 kg
CE warranty Yes, 1 year full quaranty, 2nd year only spare parts EEC registration number LFG spectrabox 009171125 Dutch Green Ledlights

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LFG PRO III – 3 x spectrum controllers – 300 watt

3 x spectrum control


LFG PRO II – 2 x spectrum controllers – 300 watt

2x spectrum controllers



LFG spectrabox pro II 150 watt

LFG spectrabox pro II 150 watt

LFG spectrabox pro II 200 watt

LFG spectrabox professional II 200 watt

LFG spectrabox pro II 250 watt

LFG spectrabox pro II 250 watt

LFG spectrabox pro II 600 watt

LFG spectrabox pro II 600 watt

LFG spectrabox professional

LFG spectrabox professional
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